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Target amount: €500.000
Latest update: 22/04/24, 20:57
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Bond 10 years
The bond has a maturity of 10 years and helps finance the construction of the Torteltuin. After the term expires, the purchase amount will be refunded with interest.

The bond has an annual interest rate of 2%. This interest rate is rolled up, meaning that the purchase amount as well as the interest is repaid at the end of the term. Furthermore, there is no interest-on-interest, but you are entitled to annual interest on the purchase amount.

Support the Torteltuin and buy a bond!
The Torteltuin is a housing cooperative consisting of 25 young Amsterdammers who want to realise their living dream by developing a social, sustainable and affordable building. The building consists of 40 units, which are rented out in perpetuity at a fair price and with consideration for people, neighbourhood and nature. Future profits will not be used to distribute to shareholders or residents, but will benefit society.

In the past four years, we have achieved a lot: there is an option agreement with the municipality of Amsterdam to develop a beautiful plot on IJburg, the preliminary design has been completed and the final design is in the pipeline and last but not least, we have concluded a loan agreement with the Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse gemeenten (SVn) for 600,000 euros in the development phase and 1.4 million from the start of construction.

The bond campaign

The initial costs have been covered by members' own deposits and monthly membership fees, a donation campaign and some subsidies for hiring structural and legal advisers or making a final design, for example. A bond campaign is necessary because banks lend up to 70% of the construction sum to housing cooperatives. The remaining part is financed by SVn's stimulation fund and this bond campaign.

So to finance the last part of the construction sum, we as De Torteltuin issue bonds. Issuing bonds gives us the opportunity to realise the building together with the community. This bond issue is in two rounds or 'tranches'.

For Tranche 1, the target amount was €50,000 and for Tranche 2, the target amount is €500,000. On 4 February 2024, we had started selling Tranche 1 bonds and by 5 March 2024, we had reached our target amount of €50,000. Therefore, we are now continuing with Tranche 2!

The bonds in Tranche 2 have a term of 10 years and an annual interest rate of 2%. With these bonds, we will finance part of the construction costs.

Help us finance this last part and thereby stimulate sustainable housing construction, social cohesion in the city, non-profit housing and the movement of housing cooperatives!

If you have any questions or comments about the crowdfunding, please email

This is an impression of our west fasade. Here there is room to meet and space for (neighbourhood) activities.

Visualisation by Natrufied Architecture


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